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Salon 2004

Oslo, Norway

3-6 June 2004

Hosted by Benny Karlsson

Decoration painters of the highest merit from all corners of the world come together for a work conference and exhibition at Holmenkollen Park Hotell Rica, June 3 to 6. The conference is an annual event held at a different location each year (Brügge in 2003, Philadelphia in 2005). In 2004, Oslo is the place. Decoration painting is marbling, ornamentation, decorative wall/ceiling/floor painting, gilding, rose painting, painting that looks like mosaic, glazing, pattern painting, depth effects, shading, etc.

We will also exhibit a small painter’s museums and a traditional brushmaker’s workshop. Do you want to give your home 'that little extra touch',  to distinguish your home from your neighbour’s? If so, then you have all the reason to take a trip up to Holmenkollen Park Hotell. From Thursday to Sunday ten artists demonstrating various techniques will be in continuous attendance in Saga Hall. Here you may watch, discuss and learn. You may also acquire information about courses you may attend yourself. Whatever kind of style you prefer in your home, you will surely find something to your own taste. A minimalistic living-room style may be underlined by shading on a wall, a pattern from a carpet may be lifted unto a wall, a boring wooden floor may be transformed into a beautiful patterned floor, and so on. Even if you 'only' visit to take a look, it will be a great experience. If you have plans for doing some restoring or redecorating yourself, there is a lot to learn. If you require assistance for larger projects, this is your chance to associate yourself with experts.

During the days of the seminar, a bus will provide free shuttle service all day long from the City Hall (via Hotell Gyldenløve, where many of the artists will stay), up to Holmenkollen Park Hotell, and back again. The entrance fee is 60 NKR, the proceeds covering the Salon's expenses. The conference is a non-profit undertaking.

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