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Salon 2005

Philadelphia, USA

Hosted by Ross O'Neal

Host for this year's event is Ross O'Neal of the Artists & Gilders Decorative Studio. The Salon takes place at the Radisson Northeast Trevose.   Come and view a mural in progress that we will be donating to a local  hospital. Or see demonstrations of decorative  painting .

There will  also be a private viewing area for those who would like to watch more tentatively.

The Salon 2005 is dedicated to the memory of our friend and Master Decorator, Tommy Valentine.  He past away January  4th 2005 at the age of 90. Rochdale in Lancashire, England. He will always be in our memory as an  outstanding painter who's heart was so attached to the  Salon. He was present at nearly all of the Salons. He received the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 1998 in  Alexandria. At the first American Salon. We will remember  him also because of his enthusiasm for the Decorative Crafts, and the joyful spirit he always contributed to every painter he came across.   Obviously we all had so many laughs with this man, he was a  joy and compliment to the Salon. His passing is a great sad loss to the Salon and to the many he has know during his  life.

We will make a  special moment during the upcoming Salon in Philadelphia in April.


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