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Salon 2012

Hamburg, Germany

22-25 March 2012

Hosted by Friederike Schulz

The first Salon in Germany was located in a beautiful museum near the city centre, named Hamburg Museum. The city‘s famous harbour provided the Salon‘s theme, namely "Hamburg and the Harbour."

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The cranes, the containers, the freighters and the jetties are all typical characteristics of the central area around the River Elbe, which runs right through the town. The Alster Lake and its tributaries and the River Elbe give the impression that Hamburg is governed by water. It will amaze you to learn that our town has more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam, and  London altogether. The ancient tradition of Merchant Guilds is a feature of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The Hamburg Museum as well as many of the merchant houses are designed in brick architecture, another typical characteristic of the townscape.

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