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Salon 2016

St. Petersburg, Russia

19-22 May 2016

Hosted by Tatiana Rugers

“Art and the City”

Salon 2016 was organized and hosted by Salon member Tatiana Rugers. It was held in St.Petersburg Russia in beautiful and one of the most famous historical exhibition centers of Russia- House of Union of Artists in St.Petersburg which was built in 1820.

There were about 100 participants : artists and official friends of Salon from 20 countries. Theme of Salon 2016 was "Art and the City"- encouraging Salon artists from many countries to create an exposition art panel which would reflect a favorite piece of art/monument/architecture of each artist's city and country.

During 4 days of Salon 2016: on the first floor of our venue the visitors could see Exhibition panels of Salon members, Master classes and common mural painting; On the second floor - live demonstrations by all participants.

Post-Salon 2016 tours : Hermitage; Peterhof ; Savior on the Spilled Blood church 

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More Salon 2016 images on Facebook

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