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Salon 2017

New York, USA

13-16 April 2017

Hosted by Jeane S. Schnupp and Arlene Mcloughlin

More information and photos on Facebook

Salon NYC  2017 was held at the High School of Art and Design in midtown Manhattan, organized by Arlene Mcloughin and Jeanne Schnupp with the theme “Art Deco.”

Some highlights of the event were several group mural collaborated on by participants; wonderful lectures from Pascal Amblard, Pierre Finkelstein, Sean Crosby, Jean Sable, Miriam Ellner, and Lori Wilson.

The Art Deco theme was carried through to the closing dinner where guests wore themed roaring twenties clothing and into Post-Salon where artists enjoyed the beautiful architecture of many of New York’s famous buildings.

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